Packaging Design

Product mock-ups for JEEERKS™ Beef Jerky

Redesigning the existing JEEERKS™ Beef Jerky Range, with the addition of two new products. Ensuring the Product Message and Product Name were all consistent with JEEERKS™ guidelines.

To strengthen the branding a trade dress was created that would suit and support JEEERKS™ bright and fun personality, making the three original beef jerky lines (Original, BBQ and Chilli) easily identifiable for consumer recognition.
Press-ready artwork was implemented onto product mock-ups in order to demonstrate how the finished product would look and evaluate the design and obtain feedback before production.

The Brand: The distinct and quirky JEEERKS™ branding has wide-ranging appeal. The cartoony brown cow represents the product’s source in a fun, unconventional way and – combined with the lush, lime green font – JEEERKS™’ packaging concept represents a clean, fresh, premium quality product.
jeeerks beef jerky
BBQ Beef Jerky
fashion salad mock-up